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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

God, The True Artist!!

Grass growing soft and light,
Flowers blooming pink and bright.
Vast open blue sky so dreamy,
The Feathery clouds so creamy.

The sun shining so vibrant,
Tender winds, a sheer comfort.
Shimmering waters streaming by,
The sun kissed mountains so high.

The shine of the stars twinkling,
The charm of the moon glowing.
Our sweet world, a perfect painting,
God, the true artist so inspiring.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Drop by drop,
I am gathering,
dews of peaceful bliss
sleeping tenderly
upon the rosey petals,
so fresh and fragrant..

Slowly Sanely
the joints of my life
fitting back to
where it was once.

A sigh of contentment
A smile of joy,
or is it yet to come?
I know not,
I care not,
All the obstacles,
He will remove,
I know someday...

For i have become
Me again,
Life has become
Life again,
Breathing has become
necessary again...