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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Red Rose

A beautiful new day,
A new bright beginning,
I stretch my arms wide open,
to embrace this new morning,

I see pearly dewdrops,
hugging a rose, so red.
Its beauty, so appealing,
gently, warmly i caressed.

The wet blooming petals,
a lovable sensation to my fingertips.
The honeyed, unique fragrance,
a divine pleasure to my nostrils.

The glowing bewitching redness,
a rising temptation, i surrender,
Beauty adorned with tiny thorns,
so perfect, Oh! freeze it forever.

As a swift morning breeze,
wavered the fragile rose slightly.
Silently, i kissed it,
a tender sad goodbye, so softly.

The rosey velvetty softness,
a warm cold touch, my lips felt.
With a dewdrop, the rose parted,
as if a token of love returned.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Amidst the veil of darkness,
Time slowly ticking by,
Street dogs barking,
Trees swaying, intoxicated,
The stars glowing,
in the night sky,
Somewhere i hear,
a baby crying,
A car passing by,
The dim lit appealing,
vacant courtyard,
The soft humming breeze,
shivering my flesh,
tempting me,
to close my eyes,
under the tender warmth
of my soft blanket,
but still sleepless, i lay
with eager dreams ornamented,
upon the edge of my eyelids,
with random vivid thoughts,
encompassing my mind,
embracing my pillow,
i am waiting, sighing,
for sleep to dawn,
upon my exhausted being,
putting an end,
to the infinite explorations,
draping the silent racing forms,
locking the door,
of my blazing eyes,
if only for a while...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shadows of Darkness

A deep, excruciating groan of torment.
Piercing my heart, a thousand vicious swords
Do you even feel an iota of my pain?

Each day, each moment a tribulation now.
Return me back my old self, do u hear?
Why do the memories keep haunting me?

For those uneventful days, i yearn now.
Why did u give promises,
you could not keep?

The magical touch of your words,
awakened my sleeping soul.
Where r u now when my soul seeks u?

In my own dark world, I was contented
Why did u venture to light it up,
when u had to crumble it?

Like a withered dead flower,I was living
Why did u blossom me into a rose,
when u had to crush every single petal?

Hidden were my dreams, safe in my bosom.
Why did u liven up my dreams,
when u would not be there to share them?

Like a beam of sunshine, your arrival
Take away your rays from my world,
Can't u see they are burning me alive now?

Leave me alone to my shadows of darkness.
Go away! Let me be engulfed again,
into the serene world where i belonged.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Ever imagined how the world will be if u had the ability to pause your life whenever u wished to. You like a moment and u don't want that moment to pass away, then simply pause it.How wonderful it will be.You move around the people suspended like statues,doing anything u want,feeling and enjoying this invincible power.

Sometimes i feel like rewinding my life and erase all the painful moments away so that the memories will go away.I feel like re living my life again this time avoiding all the mistakes and sadness.If i had the remote to control my life, i would have analysed my entire life by using the rewind,play and fast forward buttons and edited it the way a film making goes through.I would have made sure my life becomes a box office Hit by the time it ends :)

But then we all have impossible crazy wishes, right? Its no use wishing for something that can never turn true.But atleast by day dreaming and fantasizing about it, let me gain some moments of satisfaction and pleasure.

I know that the ultimate remote of my life lies in God's hands.He is the best one to control my life may be better than me.He has purposely blended our lives with the spices of sorrows and hard times so that we can learn how to cope with them and thus feel pain too.After all,without feeling pain, we won't realize how sweet the taste of happiness can be.If there is joy,there has to be sorrow too.Both of them goes hand in hand together.

Now, i am not implying that God should give pain to everyone.I am just imagining how it will be to lead a life devoid of any sorrow or pain.It sure will put a constant happy smile on my face but then i won't be able to know the importance of joy.If i don't feel how alive it is to be happy,what else will be there to look forward to.Life will become monotonous.So, i guess i should stop my ponderings now, got work to do :) and leave the rest to God to sort out my life.

Like the quote goes,
"Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones. And when you have laboriously accomplised your daily task, go to sleep in peace.God is awake."
(Victor Hugo, 1802-1885)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hello Reader, today i want to share one of the most strangest experiences that happened to me one day.I bet almost everyone have gone through some weird events at some point of their lives for whom there were no explanations found.Some unsolved mysteries.Well to begin with, it so happened with me one day that i was having a slight fever and so took a sick leave from work.We had recently shifted to a 2 BHK house.The house is quite good with large spacious rooms and i just love it after staying in cramped rooms for a long time in Bangalore.

My brother left for work that day as usual telling me not to open the door to anyone.Since it is dangerous nowadays to open the door to strangers specially when u r alone.Many incidents had happened nearby where thieves come posing as a salesman and robs the house after slitting the inmates throats.So Horrible na.I don't want to get my precious little throat slitted :) so i always let the bell ringing if anyone comes when i am alone no matter what.

I spent the day most of the time lying on the bed.After sleeping for 3-4 hours, i decided that i better go watch some Tv in the Hall.So i shifted myself to the sofa infront of the Tv.I felt bored with the house empty.Wished i was better off at the office.Atleast there would have been no boredom.As i began switching the Tv channels trying to find some light-hearted entertaintment to soothe my sickness away, finally found my favourite cartoon show running in Pogo, the Tom and Jerry show.Love this show anytime.My mind soon got occupied with the wicked,bit Buddhu Tom chasing the wise, little, cute Jerry mouse endlessly and i didn't even know when i slowly drifted to a half sleep, half awake mode.

Even though i was bit drowsy, i could see that it was exactly 6.25pm in the wall clock hanging by the window besides the Tv.My brother will soon be arriving back from office, i thought gladly.It became dark outside and i was not strong enough to even get up and switch on the lights of the Hall.I felt weak from the fever and having no food.

A chill wind came in from the window behind my sofa where i was sprawled over.I felt a puff of coldness in the air, shivered slightly, my eyes half closed.Then i had a most hair rising experience in my life.Suddenly, I felt someone's sinister presence behind me.Weak as i was,i was not able to turn back and look.Fear made my whole body go numb.Then i felt it pulling my sofa backwards and i lay helpless, paralyzed with shock.Much as i tried, i could not get myself to get up and look whats behind.I wanted to scream but no words came out of my throat.I felt myself to be pinned down to the sofa by some sort of external powerful force.Just felt the sofa moving,dragging backwards with me in it.I could see the clock beside the Tv ticking by.Heart beating fast, I started praying, hoping anytime my brother will come ring the bell now and i will be saved from whatever it was beside me.

My prayers answered, the bell rang and i heard my brother's voice calling out to me.With a new found energy, I pulled myself free somehow and jumped up from the sofa and turned back.There was no one behind.My eyes went straight to the window behind, its white curtains flying swiftly as though something just passed through it.What was it? A breeze of air? The coldness was gone strangely and i began sweating.I saw the watch.It was past 6.30pm just as i had seen.The Tv running in mute,my Tom and Jerry gone.I blinked for a moment not able to phantom what was it that happened.

Bro called again,this time loudly,impatiently knocking at the door.I opened it hurriedly and started to describe him what just happened.He came in,obviously looking at me sadly as if i have gone crazy as well as sick.He switched on the lights in the Hall telling me i should go rest in my bed.But we noticed one thing together then, that the sofa was really drawn back than its original position.So what if i was dreaming, I could not have moved the sofa myself with my weak health.We were both baffled !!

Some days later we came to know that our house owner's whole family had died in a car crash terribly on their way to Tirupati.It was a tragic accident that happened some years ago.I was bound to ponder then about the unfulfilled dreams or wishes of those innocent souls.How sad it must have been to the owner to know that his whole family got wiped off just like that.May God let them rest in peace.A thought entered my mind, whether one of those souls decided to come to terrorize me that day when i was physically weak.

My mother always used to say,"Never go to sleep when the sun is just going to set.The time is not good".I always used to shrug the saying away.I am not a believer of super natural things, usually quite practical with these things.Infact, i love watching horror movies just because it amuses me :) But experiences such as this one makes me wonder what would have happened if my brother had come late that day....

Monday, June 14, 2010


Spellbinding, inborn jewellery of women,
What is the secret that lies beneath you?
A single glance, your undeniable charm,
Man becomes bewitched,enthralled by you.

You seem to create chaos and mayhem,
wherever you set your dainty feet upon.
Man fight for you,to achieve you,
Upon broken hearts,you mercilessly tread on.

History remains an outstanding witness,
You are guilty of causing wars and battles.
Like the fall of Troy, in the Trozan war,
What pleasure you seek from such downfalls?

Makes me ponder and question,
Why man gets captured by the beauty outward?
When it is the beauty that resides within,
clearly more enchanting but attention denied!

Oh Beauty! Don't smile so with pride,
Today you may win some name and fame.
You are only but transient,
Time, your greatest foe will blow out your flame.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Key to Happiness

Today i felt a heaviness in my heart.Although everything went fine,i lacked something inside.Life has taught me many things and i know that i still need to learn a lot..After all my life has only begun.Like the words in the poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost.."i have miles and miles to go before i sleep"...

I feel that life is truly like a roller coaster ride, it drives us completely crazy at times, makes us scream aloud with both fear and thrill, twisting and turning us through the valley of joy and sorrow. Life is like Bangalore's weather one moment the sun shines so hard and the next moment rain falls down unexpectedly like cats and dogs.

Same way in our lives, we sometimes feel like as though the heaven has opened its doors wide open for us and we feel on top of the world, dancing merrily on our toes and the very next day, something dreadful happens that causes us to topple down from the top to the hard hitting ground ruthlessly.

I learnt one thing that whenever u expect or hope something, u have to learn to prepare yourself to endure the outcome of that hope.The result may either not be upto our expectations(which happens mostly) or it may just be above our expectations(rarely, takes us by a pleasant surprise).For me,whenever i have expressed any desire or hope to achieve something badly, it mostly doesn't come out true.I don't get to reap the rewards for my hard work.So, like always i feel disappointed as to why it didn't turn out as i expected and then i become gloomy and sad and finally have a conversation with God :) who no doubt never fails to leave my side.

I have realized that the key to happiness lies in our way to handle various adverse situations.If u always feel positive inside,u will never let happiness leave by your side.After all, happiness is just a state of your mind.Its always in your control.Handling upsetting situations with a sweet smile :) and a "Never Say Die" attitude is the best way to beat sadness.

I know it is easy to say and specially sounds great to the ears :) and u may say that it becomes difficult sometimes to keep up your spirits even in upsetting situations.After all we are humans rite,we will feel pain and disappointed with life at some or the other point of our lives.But still what we can do is try, try our best to come out of it.

Nothing is impossible.It all lies within us how to accomplish something.If u want something, go for it, work your heart out to achieve it and if u still don't get it, then atleast u can say that u had given ur best shot.Too bad, it didn't work out and move on ahead with a more passionate approach to life."Where there is a will, there is always a way"...And on this positive note, i am signing
off for today...Adios...

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Now my life seems weightless, empty,
Each breath i inhale seems heavy.
Loneliness, my only friend and witness,
Something in the air today is missing.

What is this enigmatic feeling,
So magnetic and bewitching!!
The more i try to pull myself free,
The more i get drawn towards it.

I have to learn to let it go now.
No regrets, only sweet memories,
The smiles, the laughters, the teasings..
Footprints of sadness i will leave behind.

New beginnings here i come,
Faint joy but still why do i feel so broken?
Why life seems so vague and empty now?
Why something is still missing?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

LIFE - So Unpredictable!!

Life is a mysterious roller coaster ride.
It drives us purely crazy,
we scream aloud as it twists and turns us,
through the valley of joy and sorrow.

Life surely is unpredictable,
In a moment it will soar us up in the sky,
In a moment it will smash our dreams,
Nothing is permanent,i realized.

Happiness is momentary,
But so is anguish and sadness,
What is important now,
is how we treat these variations.

Today my eyes may not shine,
My lips may find it hard to smile,
But still i have a faint flicker of hope,
The shine and smile will be restored.