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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Now my life seems weightless, empty,
Each breath i inhale seems heavy.
Loneliness, my only friend and witness,
Something in the air today is missing.

What is this enigmatic feeling,
So magnetic and bewitching!!
The more i try to pull myself free,
The more i get drawn towards it.

I have to learn to let it go now.
No regrets, only sweet memories,
The smiles, the laughters, the teasings..
Footprints of sadness i will leave behind.

New beginnings here i come,
Faint joy but still why do i feel so broken?
Why life seems so vague and empty now?
Why something is still missing?


bnew said...

you sound so different that what you seem...wonder who is the true one ?

Lisa said...

Looks can be deceiving, Binu..dont go for the calm placid look..lot of pain can be hidden inside.. :)