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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Red Rose

A beautiful new day,
A new bright beginning,
I stretch my arms wide open,
to embrace this new morning,

I see pearly dewdrops,
hugging a rose, so red.
Its beauty, so appealing,
gently, warmly i caressed.

The wet blooming petals,
a lovable sensation to my fingertips.
The honeyed, unique fragrance,
a divine pleasure to my nostrils.

The glowing bewitching redness,
a rising temptation, i surrender,
Beauty adorned with tiny thorns,
so perfect, Oh! freeze it forever.

As a swift morning breeze,
wavered the fragile rose slightly.
Silently, i kissed it,
a tender sad goodbye, so softly.

The rosey velvetty softness,
a warm cold touch, my lips felt.
With a dewdrop, the rose parted,
as if a token of love returned.


bnew said...

when do u get time for all this...phew!!!...

Lisa Hazarika said...

dis is the reason y m not able to return ur issues all dis days :)

bnew said...

hmmm, in that case its a good reason then, because issues will come and go but right thoughts expressed in the right words dont come often..

Uncensored Raj said...

hey just saw ur blogs..real nic poems ....hope to see u more in future...

anupama said...

Dear Lisa,
Good Evening!
I loved the feelings and the way you expressed them.I could relate so well.
The image is lovely.
The tenderness and the fragrance,I do carry close to my hear!
Wishing you a beautiful weekend,

Lisa Hazarika said...

@Uncensored Raj and @anupama :

Thank you so much for liking my poems..Even a small comment makes my day..Best wishes..