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Monday, June 14, 2010


Spellbinding, inborn jewellery of women,
What is the secret that lies beneath you?
A single glance, your undeniable charm,
Man becomes bewitched,enthralled by you.

You seem to create chaos and mayhem,
wherever you set your dainty feet upon.
Man fight for you,to achieve you,
Upon broken hearts,you mercilessly tread on.

History remains an outstanding witness,
You are guilty of causing wars and battles.
Like the fall of Troy, in the Trozan war,
What pleasure you seek from such downfalls?

Makes me ponder and question,
Why man gets captured by the beauty outward?
When it is the beauty that resides within,
clearly more enchanting but attention denied!

Oh Beauty! Don't smile so with pride,
Today you may win some name and fame.
You are only but transient,
Time, your greatest foe will blow out your flame.

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