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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

LIFE - So Unpredictable!!

Life is a mysterious roller coaster ride.
It drives us purely crazy,
we scream aloud as it twists and turns us,
through the valley of joy and sorrow.

Life surely is unpredictable,
In a moment it will soar us up in the sky,
In a moment it will smash our dreams,
Nothing is permanent,i realized.

Happiness is momentary,
But so is anguish and sadness,
What is important now,
is how we treat these variations.

Today my eyes may not shine,
My lips may find it hard to smile,
But still i have a faint flicker of hope,
The shine and smile will be restored.

1 comment:

bnew said...

Thank God Life is unpredictable and only God is the director....or else our lifes will be like the saas-bahu serials where you can predict whats going to be in the next 7 episodes...:(

Life is like a reality show, like the INDIAN IDOL 5...u dont know who is going to win this time.:)...thank you UNPREDICTABILITY