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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Only darkness ahead of me,
The streets abandoned,deserted.
I kept on walking and walking,
through this mysterious silent town.

Having no sign of any mortal nearby,
a creepy feeling crept up my neck.
The chill,cold dampness in the air,
made me to shiver uncontrollably.

A strikingly odd and eerie fragrance,
seemed to encompass the dead town.
I felt a sense of impending doom,
though alone,felt myself being watched.

"Is there anybody here?"i cried
My voice echoed back to me,
breaking the unearthly stillness,
the gloominess shattered for a moment.

Suddenly it started pouring down,
drenching me soaking wet.
I took a turn,running for shelter,
followed a light from a house desolate.

Relief flooded my heart upon reaching it,
I knocked desperately at the door,
once,twice and thrice,
received no response back.

About to withdrew then,
I heard loud inhuman footsteps from inside,
The door creaked open slowly,
I waited apprehensively,hands shivering.

Then my eyes encountered ,
the coldest white eyes i have ever seen.
Terror leaped through my veins,
as i stared at the incongruous distorted face.

A face so abnormal and hideous ,
once seen never forgotten.
I felt goosebumps on my flesh,
My legs numb, paralyzed with shock.

The face seemed to sense my fear,
Its dreadful bloody lips curved crookedly,
A strange phantom light in the void eyes,
started to beckon me towards it.

Petrified and gripped with a sudden fear,
I screamed aloud for help.
My eyes tightly shut,
suddenly found myself in my bed.

It was alas a dream after all,
I heaved a sigh of relief.
But there lied a mystery unsolved,
How was i still so wet?

I sensed the same coldness in the air again,
A sinister hovering presence somewhere nearby.
Heart thudding hard, my eyes opened wide as
I saw the apparition reflected in my mirror...


Saurav said...

Phew..certainly spooky

bnew said...

Dont scare me like this again!!!!phew!!! by the way did u watch "ZEE HOROOR SHOW" before you slept that night...

Lisa said...

he he..actually i myself got scared while writing this one in the mid night..