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Monday, May 24, 2010


The first drops of rain,
falling upon my eyes and lips,
So sweet and fulfilling is your touch,
It seems to quench my thirst.

How pleasing and appealing,
is this strange nostalgic fragrance,
As the earth embraces the rain,
in a passionately beautiful grip.

The soft humming voice of the pouring,
a soothing music to my ears.
Fascinating is the beauty of the trees
radiant, glowing in the rain.

The swift heartwarming chilling breeze,
so lovable and tender on my flesh.
The numerous trees and plants swaying,
dancing, turning, tossing by your arrival.

How i wish this rain never stops falling.
Wish the scorching sun never peeps out,
Wish the playing music does not turn into silence,
Wish i can continue to loose myself in the rain,
again and again.


Parashar said...

Very nostalgic indeed... still want to feel those rain drops and that sweet earthy smell after the rain.

bnew said...

pls come will catch cold..

antara.o said...

this is a refreshing poem.. bringing in the rain with each word..:)