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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Oh what an image i perceived,
that my heart got pumped.
My legs felt numb,
I felt my soul succumb..
It caught me surprisingly,
as i gaped on shamelessly..

For then i saw farther down below,
the endless mountains in a flow,
looming, rising, arms spreading wide
like an invincible power full of pride..

Surrounding me the wind bellowed,
with an arresting groaning voice,
My tresses went flying without my choice
Like a disoreinted lass i must have appeared..

Something within me released,
Fears and worries i must have suppressed.
I watched them go and mingle along with the valley,
I felt my lips curving slowly at its delicacy.

My eyes took in the view again,
Several images in a flash came like a rain,
Tried to visualize the same display,
repeated at various hours of the day..

But somehow i loved and longed,
for the only one my eyes hath behold..
The vast valley glowed bright,
in the stark morning light,
The mesmerizing pale blue sky,
a perfect inspiration to an artist's eye.

The clouds hovered nearby
in their dreamy mystic way..
I felt like taking a plunge down then,
above and across the secluded glen,
flying gaily up along with the birds
that just went cooing by in herds.

Unable to pull myself away,
The valley kept my eyes arrested.
The silent communion with the valley,
made my soul nourished and soothed.

As the evening sun descended behind,
As the mountains faded and darkened,
Like always there was a painful end,
to every pleasant emotion i devoured,
So i turned my back and walked down
to the cruel world beneath face down....

1 comment:

bnew said...

i read it 3 times....TO UNDERSTAND :(