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Sunday, May 23, 2010

MA - My World

Oh how divine is thy love
that knows no bound.
How blessed i m to be loved by you
today i just want to sing it aloud.

Depth of thy affection
i will forever treasure.
Thy tender gesture on my cheeks
makes all my fears disappear.

Thy name, my lips utter
in acute pain or joy.
My very existence
is void without you to share.

Your infinite love
i can never measure
Love is a sacrifice, so unconditional
from only you i gather.

You never fail to strengthen me
in my moments of weakness.
Always there by my side
no matter what happens.

My only asset,
My only pride is you.
Just want to say,
Ma , i truly miss you..


bnew said...

like this no comments...:)

Parashar said...

Its really nice!!!