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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Turmoiled feelings,mixed emotions,
Somewhere deep inside,
a pain so acute and alive,
causing my soul to scream aloud.

Teardrops one,two and three,
slowly trailed down my cheeks,
A dark bleak agony,
started hammering my heart.

Shattered broken glasses of dreams,
An unattainable forbidden love,
a love so achingly tender and young.
Emotions ripped apart and crushed.

Why me again, God? i asked
How can u make your child
suffer so intolerably?
As always,
I got no instant response.

Then i heard a voice,
"Have faith in me,
I will not let you down.
I am not blind to your pain,
I can only say,
This had to happen.
U will be cured in time.
Just hang on, my child
I have better plans for u."

I listened intently,
HIS voice so calm and soothing,
healing most of the pain away.
Hope arising,
I wiped my tears away.

I said to myself,
Someday i will face the bright rays of sun
Someday i will make all my dreams come true,
Someday i will..with HIS help..Yes i will.


bnew said...

"Good one my Child"....God

Anonymous said...

Very Inspiring..Keep up the fighting spirit.