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Sunday, May 23, 2010


I wandered alone in a deep pensive mood,
a soft blowing wind broke into my line of thoughts.
i looked up irritated and annoyed,
it was then that my eyes encountered,
a calm placid lake flowing gently,
waters sparkling and twinkling,
glistening like gems and diamonds.
flowers pink and white besides,
dancing merrily in the breeze,
purple and grey mountains in the horizon,
the swaying trees so tall and green,
the leaves turning and tossing
protesting the dominating wind,
the bright cheerful sun ,
throwing its glorious golden rays
touching every surface beneath
making nature shine and glow.

I held my breath,
my heart missed a beat
as my eyes surveyed the paradise
that lay stretched before me..
I merged together,
with the blooming scenery.
Heard a long awaited cry of joy,
from somewhere deep within me,
My heart leaped and danced,
as if it has been long dead
but have suddenly come alive.

Never saw the sky look so blue,
the clouds so white and true
silently treading and floating.
The lake waters so crystal clear,
The flowers so blooming and graceful.
As if to make the picture complete,
a flock of birds went just passing by gaily.
No amount of words ,
nor any art can justify the beauty of what i saw.

I felt life alive and beating all around me,
in the soft howling wind,
in the honeyed chirping tones of the birds,
in the hushing of the green tree leaves.
The enchanting flowers smiled upon me,
seemed to convey,
'Behold this blissful view, now and forever'.

I gained solace in the calm serenity,
Took deep breaths of the fresh air,
Floods of pleasure drowned my heart,
i was transfixed in a dreamy way,
gazing and gazing for a long long time,
amazed at the magnificent creation of God,
my eyes greedily engulfing as much as i can
of the amazing picturistic serene view.
Words are not enough as i stated,
this is merely an attempt,
to describe what i saw and felt.

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