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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Only darkness ahead of me,
The streets abandoned,deserted.
I kept on walking and walking,
through this mysterious silent town.

Having no sign of any mortal nearby,
a creepy feeling crept up my neck.
The chill,cold dampness in the air,
made me to shiver uncontrollably.

A strikingly odd and eerie fragrance,
seemed to encompass the dead town.
I felt a sense of impending doom,
though alone,felt myself being watched.

"Is there anybody here?"i cried
My voice echoed back to me,
breaking the unearthly stillness,
the gloominess shattered for a moment.

Suddenly it started pouring down,
drenching me soaking wet.
I took a turn,running for shelter,
followed a light from a house desolate.

Relief flooded my heart upon reaching it,
I knocked desperately at the door,
once,twice and thrice,
received no response back.

About to withdrew then,
I heard loud inhuman footsteps from inside,
The door creaked open slowly,
I waited apprehensively,hands shivering.

Then my eyes encountered ,
the coldest white eyes i have ever seen.
Terror leaped through my veins,
as i stared at the incongruous distorted face.

A face so abnormal and hideous ,
once seen never forgotten.
I felt goosebumps on my flesh,
My legs numb, paralyzed with shock.

The face seemed to sense my fear,
Its dreadful bloody lips curved crookedly,
A strange phantom light in the void eyes,
started to beckon me towards it.

Petrified and gripped with a sudden fear,
I screamed aloud for help.
My eyes tightly shut,
suddenly found myself in my bed.

It was alas a dream after all,
I heaved a sigh of relief.
But there lied a mystery unsolved,
How was i still so wet?

I sensed the same coldness in the air again,
A sinister hovering presence somewhere nearby.
Heart thudding hard, my eyes opened wide as
I saw the apparition reflected in my mirror...

Monday, May 24, 2010


The first drops of rain,
falling upon my eyes and lips,
So sweet and fulfilling is your touch,
It seems to quench my thirst.

How pleasing and appealing,
is this strange nostalgic fragrance,
As the earth embraces the rain,
in a passionately beautiful grip.

The soft humming voice of the pouring,
a soothing music to my ears.
Fascinating is the beauty of the trees
radiant, glowing in the rain.

The swift heartwarming chilling breeze,
so lovable and tender on my flesh.
The numerous trees and plants swaying,
dancing, turning, tossing by your arrival.

How i wish this rain never stops falling.
Wish the scorching sun never peeps out,
Wish the playing music does not turn into silence,
Wish i can continue to loose myself in the rain,
again and again.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Turmoiled feelings,mixed emotions,
Somewhere deep inside,
a pain so acute and alive,
causing my soul to scream aloud.

Teardrops one,two and three,
slowly trailed down my cheeks,
A dark bleak agony,
started hammering my heart.

Shattered broken glasses of dreams,
An unattainable forbidden love,
a love so achingly tender and young.
Emotions ripped apart and crushed.

Why me again, God? i asked
How can u make your child
suffer so intolerably?
As always,
I got no instant response.

Then i heard a voice,
"Have faith in me,
I will not let you down.
I am not blind to your pain,
I can only say,
This had to happen.
U will be cured in time.
Just hang on, my child
I have better plans for u."

I listened intently,
HIS voice so calm and soothing,
healing most of the pain away.
Hope arising,
I wiped my tears away.

I said to myself,
Someday i will face the bright rays of sun
Someday i will make all my dreams come true,
Someday i will..with HIS help..Yes i will.


I wandered alone in a deep pensive mood,
a soft blowing wind broke into my line of thoughts.
i looked up irritated and annoyed,
it was then that my eyes encountered,
a calm placid lake flowing gently,
waters sparkling and twinkling,
glistening like gems and diamonds.
flowers pink and white besides,
dancing merrily in the breeze,
purple and grey mountains in the horizon,
the swaying trees so tall and green,
the leaves turning and tossing
protesting the dominating wind,
the bright cheerful sun ,
throwing its glorious golden rays
touching every surface beneath
making nature shine and glow.

I held my breath,
my heart missed a beat
as my eyes surveyed the paradise
that lay stretched before me..
I merged together,
with the blooming scenery.
Heard a long awaited cry of joy,
from somewhere deep within me,
My heart leaped and danced,
as if it has been long dead
but have suddenly come alive.

Never saw the sky look so blue,
the clouds so white and true
silently treading and floating.
The lake waters so crystal clear,
The flowers so blooming and graceful.
As if to make the picture complete,
a flock of birds went just passing by gaily.
No amount of words ,
nor any art can justify the beauty of what i saw.

I felt life alive and beating all around me,
in the soft howling wind,
in the honeyed chirping tones of the birds,
in the hushing of the green tree leaves.
The enchanting flowers smiled upon me,
seemed to convey,
'Behold this blissful view, now and forever'.

I gained solace in the calm serenity,
Took deep breaths of the fresh air,
Floods of pleasure drowned my heart,
i was transfixed in a dreamy way,
gazing and gazing for a long long time,
amazed at the magnificent creation of God,
my eyes greedily engulfing as much as i can
of the amazing picturistic serene view.
Words are not enough as i stated,
this is merely an attempt,
to describe what i saw and felt.

MA - My World

Oh how divine is thy love
that knows no bound.
How blessed i m to be loved by you
today i just want to sing it aloud.

Depth of thy affection
i will forever treasure.
Thy tender gesture on my cheeks
makes all my fears disappear.

Thy name, my lips utter
in acute pain or joy.
My very existence
is void without you to share.

Your infinite love
i can never measure
Love is a sacrifice, so unconditional
from only you i gather.

You never fail to strengthen me
in my moments of weakness.
Always there by my side
no matter what happens.

My only asset,
My only pride is you.
Just want to say,
Ma , i truly miss you..


Oh what an image i perceived,
that my heart got pumped.
My legs felt numb,
I felt my soul succumb..
It caught me surprisingly,
as i gaped on shamelessly..

For then i saw farther down below,
the endless mountains in a flow,
looming, rising, arms spreading wide
like an invincible power full of pride..

Surrounding me the wind bellowed,
with an arresting groaning voice,
My tresses went flying without my choice
Like a disoreinted lass i must have appeared..

Something within me released,
Fears and worries i must have suppressed.
I watched them go and mingle along with the valley,
I felt my lips curving slowly at its delicacy.

My eyes took in the view again,
Several images in a flash came like a rain,
Tried to visualize the same display,
repeated at various hours of the day..

But somehow i loved and longed,
for the only one my eyes hath behold..
The vast valley glowed bright,
in the stark morning light,
The mesmerizing pale blue sky,
a perfect inspiration to an artist's eye.

The clouds hovered nearby
in their dreamy mystic way..
I felt like taking a plunge down then,
above and across the secluded glen,
flying gaily up along with the birds
that just went cooing by in herds.

Unable to pull myself away,
The valley kept my eyes arrested.
The silent communion with the valley,
made my soul nourished and soothed.

As the evening sun descended behind,
As the mountains faded and darkened,
Like always there was a painful end,
to every pleasant emotion i devoured,
So i turned my back and walked down
to the cruel world beneath face down....