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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shadows of Darkness

A deep, excruciating groan of torment.
Piercing my heart, a thousand vicious swords
Do you even feel an iota of my pain?

Each day, each moment a tribulation now.
Return me back my old self, do u hear?
Why do the memories keep haunting me?

For those uneventful days, i yearn now.
Why did u give promises,
you could not keep?

The magical touch of your words,
awakened my sleeping soul.
Where r u now when my soul seeks u?

In my own dark world, I was contented
Why did u venture to light it up,
when u had to crumble it?

Like a withered dead flower,I was living
Why did u blossom me into a rose,
when u had to crush every single petal?

Hidden were my dreams, safe in my bosom.
Why did u liven up my dreams,
when u would not be there to share them?

Like a beam of sunshine, your arrival
Take away your rays from my world,
Can't u see they are burning me alive now?

Leave me alone to my shadows of darkness.
Go away! Let me be engulfed again,
into the serene world where i belonged.


poetsforpeanuts said...

Very nice! Love your imagery. :) Keep up the great work!

Joy Palakkal said...

Melancholic mood..
Really inspiring creativity!!
Expecting more and more..
With all Best Wishes

Lisa Hazarika said...

thank you so much...