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Sunday, August 1, 2010


After analyzing my life, i have realized that everything in life happens for a reason.Every person we meet comes to our lives for a specific reason.Its not merely a co incidence.Every action, every move made by us has a reason.The reason being very simple, an act to make us realize our destinies.An act to teach us something good.You just have to find out the reason.

Many times u may feel like why some things happened only with u.You may then blame God asking "Why me, God?" But did u ever get any response back from Him or
any hint or indication as to the reason behind your question? No, i assume.I used to always ask God the very same question whenever i felt low and somehow much later in my life i would know the answer by itself.I mean to say that every event is co related with each other, our past, present and future.What happens in the past will have some connection with the present and the present with the future.I hope i m not confusing you a lot.I m just trying to convey the simple message that God has somehow conveyed to me that "Everything that happens to us is for our own good".

We might not be able to comprehend the meaning of this at the time when something unjust actually happens to us but much later on in your life, if u look back and try to reflect, u will realize that whatever had happened, had happened for a reason.The reason might be simply to lead u to something better or might be to make u learn some things so that later in your life u don't repeat it.

To cite an example, i sometimes ponder that God has not given me everything i wanted in life.I have seen sadness, death in the family from a tender age.I have seen my carefree childhood life turned into a struggling one.I lost my loving father at an early age suddenly.I saw tears in my mother's eyes (something that kills me alive).Somehow everything changed after that.Our lifestyles changed but life moves on and so we did.Now u might tell me that how can i say that this particular event had happened for my good.I would like to say that may be God wanted me to become more stronger with pain, to revel in my mother's love forever, to be with her in sickness and health,to take care of her the way she takes care of us.She had given her share of love and also my father's love, may be more than that and i will be indebted to her forever.Now dats not all, there may have been millions of people who must have suffered from worst tragedies and i am just thankful to God for letting me have a mother who loves me so much.I am thankful and grateful for the things that he has given me.We should be contented with what we have rather than asking for more.

Like everyone, my life has underwent through a lot of tipsy-topsy curves.Moments of sadness combined with happy ones.However in every major event of my life i have felt God's definite magical touch in it.I have always felt his presence by my side.I may choose to ignore it when i m too sad with something but deep down inside i always know that He is with me, watching over me, listening to me, guiding me always.He communicates with me sometimes with some signs, u can say some omens.If u follow or recognize those omens in your life, u will be able to read what He is trying to tell u.Its utterly magical and u might not believe in omens but trust me that is how it happens in my life.These omens may come in any form.It may come as a rainbow,a butterfly,a banner or in the form of a person.I am now learning to read those omens in my life.

There were many small small incidents in the past and later i realized why those happened.It somehow led me to something good always.Recently,i had joined a new company and had to relocate to a remote area.But i had only a month's time to look for a new house.Try as we could,we were not able to find a good one.We contacted all the real estate agents in that area and searched almost every nook and corner ourselves.Everyone asked me what i will do as time was nearing to vacate and we had no where to go.But this time i was somehow confident that God has surely planned something.I just knew that i will get it in God's own time.God will do the needful.And truly,we got a good house just the way we wanted at the right time.

Its amazing how God sometimes hears to all our prayers and paves our way by clearing away all the obstacles away in His own time.It simply baffles me every time.He is undoubtedly the perfect planner.He has plans for everyone.If for some reason u feel that why has God not answered to your most needed prayer, just take my word that He will surely give u an answer in His own time.And if he does not, then do not feel dejected.It just means that its simply not meant to be.It means that He has something better stored for u in the future.Just be patient and continue to grow in His faith.Do your duty, be honest and sincere in whatever u do and God will surely reward u one day for your hard work done.

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of luck. Illness, love, lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test limits of your soul.


pRasad said...

I sooo truly believe in whatever you have said..Everything happens for reason..You may not realize the reason at that point of time..

Sabi Sunshine said...

Everything do happen for the reason which you realize later God is always with you no matter what just have a faith in God!


MyDreams said...

i dont have the resaon to come to u r page
simply came to u and put the comments

Joy Palakkal said...

"everything in life happens for a reason..."
In this materialistic Modern World..Lisa your optimistic Views are really appreciable!!
Let it be encouraging to feeble minds!!!
with All Best Wishes..

Lisa said...

@Prasad: Glad that u too believe in it..Its really amazing,isn't it? Nice to c ur comment..

@Sabi Sunshine: Yes u r is only strong faith that is keeping me going on..thank u so much for ur words..

@MyDreams: Ur coming and posting a comment made me happy and i think that is a reason enuf :)

@Joy: Thank u again for ur is what encourages me to write more..