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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Showers of Joy

Withered flowers of life
bloomed again,
Long dead
broken hopes
sprang alive with vigor.

Can feel the warmth
of the velvety silkiness
of dreams
untouched untold
across my eyelids.

The joy
that was once
in my heart,
now swirling,
like waves.

I can see
the smiling sun
peeking out
beckoning me
the dark clouds..

Long awaited showers
poured softly,
sweeping away,
the dust of agony,
drenching me thoroughly,
bringing a smile,
in my lips,
of untold happiness.

I need no umbrella,
I need no raincoat,
I need no shelter,
I am loving the showers
of life again..

I will make
hundreds of colorful
paper boats
of love again
make them float
in the crystal waters
of ecstasy.


Gaurav Allalone said...

Beauty..... Just Amazing.

Lisa said...

Thanks Gaurav..glad to come back after a long time..:)

Gaurav Allalone said...

Good, And you came with bang... :D :D :D

Nisheeth said...

This poem has filled a new energy in me today :) a wonderful work for inspiration.. :)

pankaj said...

Beautiful :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Nisheet and Pankaj for going through it..Glad to post it :)

Tangent said...

Your poems are just awesome. Thanks for stopping by blog btw : )
Would love to see you posting more frequently, I know it's hard to keep up with it though. Nice work : )

Lisa said...

@Tangent..Thanks a lot..yah soemtimes it becomes difficult to arrange time for blogging but yeah will try to keep posting frequently :)
Keep up with your blogging..its beautiful too...