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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

God, The True Artist!!

Grass growing soft and light,
Flowers blooming pink and bright.
Vast open blue sky so dreamy,
The Feathery clouds so creamy.

The sun shining so vibrant,
Tender winds, a sheer comfort.
Shimmering waters streaming by,
The sun kissed mountains so high.

The shine of the stars twinkling,
The charm of the moon glowing.
Our sweet world, a perfect painting,
God, the true artist so inspiring.


alok kavidayal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

Thanks Alok for ur visit and appreciation...:)

Prantik said...

u know wat....u r a gem..u paint, u write so well....I just hope someday I will meet u in person....

Lisa said...

Thank u so much Prantik..feels good to see your comment...:)

Gaurav Allalone said...

Love your writing.... :)

debraj said...

wonderful lines Mona...why dont u add google Adsense to ur will put some ads and u will get paid for the number of visits to ur blog...

Lisa said...

thanks Gaurav and adsense may not work for me as i am not regular in posting these days but will think about it..thanks :)