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Monday, March 26, 2012


Glowing, Life beamed,
Charming, All seemed.

Seeds of euphoria
set to harvest.
Pillars of dreams
were rapidly built
upon a city
long deserted.

Her own empire
set to begin...

Then one cloudy day,
Fate stopped smiling.
The heart of life
stopped beating
the very breadth
out of its lungs.

Every single pillar
toppled down,
one by one,
tumbling, rolling,
falling, breaking,
with an earth shattering noise,
crushing mercilessly
each and everything on its way,
every seedling
of new born joy
torn to pieces,
throwing her
off guard...

Numb and frozen,
Here she lays now,
perusing the damage done.
Within few seconds,
she saw her world crumble.

What a cruel massacre!
What a twist of fate!
What a stroke of God!!
Is this all, she smiles bitterly?
Or anymore to come??

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