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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Lost Souls

Lonely poor souls,
their clothes in tatters,
in the dark cold streets.
No fear nor any joy,
leading this kind of life.

Hungry for food,
Pining for love,
a small happy home,
a mother to care,
a warm bed to sleep in,
Is that asking too much?

Their eyes seeks
for a small share
of happiness,
Their innocent hearts
demanding God,
why are they deprived
of a home,
What sins
they have committed
to deserve to live,
the life of an orphan!!

No Hopes, no dreams,
they have no choice,
but to,
harden their hearts
since a tender age,
lead a loveless life,
punished for
uncommitted crimes,
poor lost souls,
in the crowd of life.


pRasad said...

Glad that you made start of the year with your b'fl poem....
Nice poem..It strikes the chord inside..
It's not like they are punished for uncommitted crimes...I believe it's because of their bad KARMAS in last birth which got carry forward to this birth...

Lisa said...

Thanks Prasad...whatever may be the reason i just feel bad for them..

Tangent said...

Heya..Real good poems : )Bookmarked to come back..