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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cascading Waterfall

Materializing as if from the sky,
Indeed what a heart throbbing beauty.

So magnetic, powerful, thrilling
I find you daring, full of gusto.

As your drops sprinkles on my eyes,
My soul lies captured rejuvenated by your sight.

The mighty voice of your potent flow,
makes me shiver both with fear and joy.

Cascading, swirling and twirling you fall,
What a magnificent artist God truly is.

Exquisite, delightful are your currents,
In them i gain pure indefinite pleasure.


pRasad said...

I can feel your admiration :)

I especially liked 3rd stanza..I read your fiction story abt ghost as well..I was wondering where did you get inspire from.

Lisa said...

thanks Prasad..well the story was purely imaginary first attempt :)