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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Omen

Staggering alone upon the rocky path,
a frown on her forehead,
with tangled agonizing emotions,
she kept treading along.

Tiny blue and white lilies,
magically appeared
on her road side,
taking her breadth away.

The rocks disappeared,
flowers everywhere,
lay scattered on her path.
A warm sweet fragrance,
the pale blue sky,
the fresh greenery,
the husky tender clouds,
was all she could gape at.

"Is this an omen?"
she asked herself.
"Omen sent by God,
to feel the beauty of life,
to forget my woes,
and enjoy the ride?"

As if in response,
a blue butterfly
with patterned wings,
flew by her side.

She understood the sign,
stretched out her hand,
on it rested the butterfly,
so tender, so adorable,
In it she confided,
all her sentiments,
with a small gentle kiss.


Gaurav Allalone said...

Pretty Impressive! I must say...would love to read more of you.

Lisa said...

Thanks Gaurav..Sure will keep on posting..just keep visiting it :)