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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Expectations...the very word seems to be heavily loaded with a concoction of a variety of emotions.We tend to get hurt or disappointed in life when something or someone does not really meet upto our expectations.For instance, there can be expectations regarding your job,studies, friends or your love or family.

Parents keep on nagging their children to score more in the exam.Why? because they expect their children to gain more knowledge and lead a successful life and what happens when they don't really meet their expectations? It leads to disappointment on the parents side and creates stress upon the child at not being able to meet his/her parent's expectation.In other words,it creates a sad environment for both the parties.There are occasions when we hear of students committing suicide because they fail in their papers and unable to face the outside world, they take up such an extreme step.Fault is certainly on the parent's side at expecting too much out of their children.They should realize not to build up so much of expectations that are impossible to be met sometimes.Give them a break.Guide them gently if they are weak, be more understanding instead of shouting or beating them up.Be more of a friend than a father/mother and try to share their feelings so that they don't become petrified of you and hide things from you in the future.

There is one more common example.Take a girl for instance who expects to speak with her guy at least once a day.But when for some reason the guy remains busy with his own work or within his own friends circle, attending parties etc the girl feels upset and disappointed when her expectations are not met by the guy.This eventually develops a bad feeling and even though the girl tries to hide this fact from the guy, it remains etched in her heart and this may be the soul reason in causing quarrels or disagreements between them.Why? because the girl expected the guy too to reciprocate her wishes, the wish to speak to her at least once a day.Fault was certainly on the girl's side at expecting too much out of him.She should have been more understanding and matured enough to give the guy some space of his own.She should have never expected him to think like she thinks.If the guy does not feel upto it, let him be.Take a cool attitude.Building high expectations out of someone will never help anyone.It only leads to frustration.

So the tip of the day is "Always expect less but give more".Be kinder than necessary, everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.Everyone has problems in their lives. No mortal is completely happy in this world.If for some reason you are not able to understand a person's actions, try to put yourself in their shoes and see the world.You will get a much better idea why they reacted in a certain way or why they are the person that they are.Never fail to lend a helping hand to anyone even if they didn't help you at some point.True happiness lies in giving it to others.I always feel good when i am of some help to anyone.Its a pain that mostly people tend to forget about humanity and think about only themselves.If only we could come out of our own self oriented world and think about others too, the world would have been a much better place to live in. We should always give more and expect less.That way no one gets hurt and leads to a healthy peaceful environment eventually.We will find real contentment in life if we start giving more and expecting less.


Gaurav Allalone said...

True however, it's very natural to expect from someone whom you love, trust and depend. And there is nothing wrong in that, I guess. Because life is always about winning and losing every moment you live. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose... But never stop loving. ;)

Lisa said...

Yes we are humans and so will always have our own feelings and expectations...but if we expect a lot there is always the chance to get hurt..and to avoid that we should learn to expect less but give more..difficult but not impossible :)

pankaj said...

The way you have written the blog I find it pretty beautiful.. we all know and hear the thoughts you are putting forward. So many times we hear them that we stop listening and acting on them. But the way you have put them forward I can say all the thoughts of all the readers will refreshed and everyone will try to be more selfless and move forgiving.

Lisa said...

Thank u Pankaj for ur appreciating it...i didn't simply just write these things..its only after analyzing my own life and its expectations that i learned about this simple fact and want to convey to others to do the same..