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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Scary Night Together

One night a couple was returning back from a late night movie.Unfortunately their bike broke down on a lonely stretch of highway.Now both were very young and when people are young and that too in love they don't give a damn about fear.Romance and love is all they dream about.

So the girl instead of worrying about their circumstances found this particular incident very romantic.Being alone with her love on a starry night walking back home hands in hands, an ideal romantic situation in her eyes.

The guy being ofcourse less romantic and more practical cursed his stars for this misfortune.After all he has to drag his bike now till he can get some help.

"Damn, this bike had to break down tonight only!!",frustrated he kicked his bike.

"Oh come now, don't be so upset.Look at the positive side,we get time to spend alone like this.So adventurous and romantic don't u think?",the girl asked with a smile.

"Yeah right..You will come to taste romance when some rowdies happens to catch up with us like this.They will rob you blindly and wont even spare your life."

"Oh don't talk like that.Nothing bad will happen.Just look at that bright star above.Its shining so much.So very pretty na",the girl said clapping her hands looking least perturbed.

Irritated the guy was about to snap something back when he looked at her and his face softened at her carefree expression and he swallowed down his harsh words.

Instead he too tried to relax and replied positively,"Well may be you are right..No point now in being gloomy.Lets be positive.By the way you are looking quite pretty in the moonlight"

The girl blushed and so went on their romantic conversation oblivious to their surroundings.It was quiet late at night and not even a single car passed by that road.

After walking upto a distance, they took a lane that goes through some dark woods.It was a cold December night and there was a slight mist.When passing by the woods, the fog started thickening around them.The guy being very protective told the girl to wrap her arms around him and walk closely.They were unable to see what is ahead.

Suddenly breaking the silence of the night, they heard a heart wrenching sound of a woman weeping somewhere.They became alert immediately.They looked hard through the fog and could only see a lamp not too far away.They could now see a woman in a pale saree sitting down by the lane side with a low lit lamp.

Glad to see a human, the guy approached the woman concerned,"Hi there, why are you crying? Can we be of any help?"

The woman continued bending her head and weeping in that agonizing voice.

"Helllo lady, do u understand English? What is the matter?" the guy asked again.

The woman still ignored his question and acted as if she didn't hear anything.The guy and the girl puzzled looked at each other.

"May be she is deaf and her husband left her alone.Should i shake her so that atleast she will come to her senses?",the girl asked.

"Yeah try it.God knows what is the matter.Its past midnight."

The girl then stepped closer to the woman and shaked her asking "Hello, what happened?"

This time the woman responded by stopping her mournful crying and slowly turning her head up.

When they glimpsed at her face,they both became stupefied with fear.The woman had no eyes in her head.They were staring at a face with no eyes.
Petrified they screamed and ran for their lives.Now not needed to mention the fact that the guy dropped his bike then and there and caught hold of his girl and made a run for it.

This seemed like a very unreal experience but it really happened with them.All sense of romance vanished from their heads and there was only the desire to somehow live through this night.

Somehow after finding their way back to the main road, they saw a man not far away pulling a rickshaw slowly.It was very strange to find a rickshaw at that hour but desperate to get away from there, they called the man and got in his rickshaw.Both were sweating in fear.Seeing this the rickshaw man asked "What Babu? Why are you both so frightened?"

They narrated what they saw.The rickshaw man laughed at it and said that its not unusual to see these kind of things in this area.Lots of accidents used to happen in this area and it is told that those souls keep hunting this area.

The couple gulped down this information thinking somehow this nightmare should end.This was certainly worse than getting attacked by a group of rowdies.

The guy asked,"What about you? How come you are riding at this hour?"

"My rickshaw had some problem so i got delayed returning home",the man replied.

After going to some distance,the rickshaw stopped and said it wont go farther.

So the guy asked how much was the fare and started to pay the man when he noticed something very weird.Can you guess what?? The man too had no eyes.He was smiling crookedly and asked "Kya Babu? What is the matter? "

"Yooooouuur eyes??!!" the guy stammered.

Laughing the man warned in a strange voice,"I told you already Babu, this place is hunted.You should not wander here like this at this hour!!" His voice echoed all over in the stillness of the night.

Not waiting for a single moment,the guy took hold of his girl's hand and ran like anything from there until they reached the safer parts of the city.Never again did they venture to go for a late night movie again.


prakhar rastogi said...

ohh.....r u tryin to mak us laugh....cum on....

but u r gud in story tellin(as it is fiction)....keep it up...

Lisa said...

Well i surely didn't mean to scare anyone since it is just a fiction..purposely kept in on the lighter side..anyways thnks :)

prakhar rastogi said...

ya....d story seemzz to begin with lighter end @darker....lolzz...

endin wid ricksa_wala's oval face....makes me laugh....(i used such stories to scare my little bro in past)....

but i must appreciate d presentation of story nice putted.....